About PCD

PCD is a partnership Firm with 15 years of experience in the field of electronics. Headed by a strong and experienced design team. In the field of fire some of our very first designs are mMicroprocessor based Fire alarm panels, and are still in use today.

We manufacture, a wide range of microprocessor based alarm Panels for conventional detection that range from 2 zones to 256 zones. Our Addressable alarmpanel is available for Max 4 loops.

We also have the most reliable Range of Accessories viz. MCP, electronic hooters, responce indicators, Illuminated annunciators etc. Our range of gas release panels are the most trusted panels in the Indian market. And noted for their reliability

Another of our major strengths is design. We regularly manufacture Fire panels to specific customer requirements in standard and explosion proof housings. Our panels extencively used in EIL projects and sites with harsh environments in on and offshore sites.

We also provide on site commissioning assistance and after sales maintenance facilities. Our trained engineers provide on site support all over India and we have regional representitives located in Mumbai, Delhi, Vishakapatnam, Hyderabad, Madras, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Pune.

Our Regional engineers are trained at our factory, and periodically updated with information regarding changes. They are equipped to provide service for the full range of our products.

We maintain Spares for all products sold for a minimum period of 5 years after they have been discontinued from production due to up gradation. And further to that the technical data required for maintaining our equipment is maintained for 15 years.

Our Quality system is according to ISO 9001:2000 and certified By Underwriters Laboratories.

Company Profile

Company : PCD Fire Systems. Established in 1992.
Constitution : Registered Partnership Firm
Head Office : 18, Rebello Rd, St Sebastian Cly. Mumbai 400 050.
Tel. Lines. : Tel: 25003210, 67969575
fax: 67969576
Email address : cordinate@pcdfire.co.in
Website : http://www.pcdfire.co.in/
Administrative office & factory : A/149, Ghatkopar Ind. Estate, Amrut Nagar, Ghatkopar (W) Mumbai 400086.
Tax Registration Nos. : VAT TIN No 27560022338V 1/04/06, CST TIN No 27560022338C 1/04/06,
SSI Tax Registration No. : ST/M-II/MRS-CAI/511-03, NIT/WC/00121. dt. 19/07/1991..110714829 dated 13/08/2003.
PAN No.: AAA FP 1517
Quality System : ISO 9001:2000:
Scope of Registration : 3669 (US) Communications Equipment not elsewhere classified The Design, Development and Manufacture of Microprocessor Baser Fire alarm Systems and accessories.
File No. : A13166 issued on May 31st 2004. renewal due on May 30th 2010.
Banker's Name : Citizen Co-Operative Bank, Mt. Carmel's Road, Mumbai 400 050.
Chartered Accountants : N. Chandulal & Co. 88-89 Big Three Bldg., Anandilal Podar Marg, Bombay - 400 002.
Staff : Production Manager, Production planning Engineer, Design Engineer,
Other Staff : Accounts, Purchase & Store keeping.
Workers : Service & test Technicians, Wiring and assembly technicians, Fitters.